This is a very nascent market and is poised for instantaneous growth in the B2C business model. With the change in the socio-economic scenario in the Country especially in the Metros where the nuclear family model taking precedence (and the slow extinction of the Joint Family model) and more than 70% of couples where both the Husband and Wife have full time careers have created a “demand” for efficient and effective residential Concierge Services.

The On-Demand Home Services Industry has been growing at a fast pace over the past few years, this Industry mostly consists of app based home service providers who can provide any kind of solutions to home related grievances such as Car Dry Cleaning, House Deep Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Interior Painting, Electrician Support, Plumbing Support, Handyman Services, maintenance of the air conditioners, Pest Control etc.

Deep House Cleaning Services: Our tailor-made cleaning services are designed to disinfect the whole area of your home. Through these services, we ensure that you find your home or place in the utter clean state. On top of that, we give utmost importance to cleaning those areas which remain out of reach due to their complex location, crevices, cracks, top of wardrobes and furniture. The said service also includes cleaning the kitchen, washroom, balcony, disinfecting the showers, tiles, etc. We promise that after our services you will find your home or place in the neat and clean state which is safe and hygienic to live in.

Our services are listed below:

(1) Living Room/Lounge Area/ Hallway

  • Removing cobwebs
  • Wall Dusting
  • Finger Prints removal from all wood work, door frames and switch plates
  • Ceiling fans dusting— top and bottom
  • Cleaning windows, windowsills, ledges and vacuuming blinds/curtains (accessible)
  • Floor — vacuuming, steam mopping and dry mopping
  • Upholstered Furniture — vacuuming/ under cushion area
  • Cushion and pillows fluffing and straightening
  • Furniture dusting — on top, on front and underneath
  • Hallways and staircase — vacuuming and steam mopping
  • Trash treatment
  • General straightening

(2) Bedroom

  • Removing cobwebs
  • Wall Dusting
  • Fingerprints removal from all woodwork, door frames and switch plates
  • Picture frames dusting
  • Furniture dusting — Top, front and underneath
  • Ceiling fans cleaning — top and bottom
  • Cleaning windowsills and vacuuming blinds
  • Upholstered furniture vacuuming including under cushion area
  • Cleaning all accessible windows, window grills and meshes
  • Floor – vacuuming and steam mopping
  • Balcony — Railings dusting, Floor cleaning and mopping, Cobwebs removing
  • General straightening completion

(3) Kitchen

  • Removing cobwebs
  • Counter-tops and backs plash cleaning and disinfecting
  • All Electric appliances exterior cleaning
  • Fingerprints removal from all woodwork, door frames and switch plates.
  • Cleaning stove and burners
  • Damp cleaning cabinets from outside
  • Vacuuming and steam mopping floors and skirting
  • Sinks scrubbing and disinfecting
  • Cleaning refrigerator from outside including top
  • Cleaning exhaust fan
  • Cleaning ceiling fan
  • Chrome fittings — cleaning and polishing
  • Trash treatment

(4) Outer area / entrance

  • Fingerprints removal from all woodwork, door frame and switch plates
  • Outer area cleaning

Car Care & Dry Cleaning : People often find it difficult to maintain their car in good state which remains free from stubborn dirt, nicotine-stains, and germs that inadvertently can be found in upholstery and carpet of the car. Thus, leads to unpleasant, stinking and pungent odour and in the process creating and nurturing unhealthy fungus and germs. We take great effort and utmost care while cleaning your car so that it remains in its original shape retaining the original charm.

  • Exterior shampoo
  • Exterior cleaning with microfiber cloth
  • Exterior rubbing and polishing
  • Carpet shampoo
  • Seat cover cleaning
  • Dashboard cleaning and polishing
  • Deodorising
  • A/C Vents cleaning
  • Glass & windshield shining
  • Interior vacuum cleaning
  • Tyre cleaning & polish

Sofa Cleaning : A clean sofa in your home not only provides comfort & relaxation to whoever sits on it, at the same time, it also necessary to maintain your status in the society. Our sofa cleaning services assist you in getting rid off from rigid stains such as emanating from red wine, sauces, chocolates, food dyes, ink, nail polish, artwork from your young kid, tomato ketchup, remove dirt particles embedded on sofas. Furthermore, our professionals ensure that the food crumbs, dust, body grease and micro-organism which are hidden in your sofas are eliminated. While in the process we also use vacuum cleaner over and above all the essential types of equipment that we employ. Also, by getting your sofa cleaned the life of the same is also poised to enhance.

(A) Fabric Sofa –

  • Foam Treatment to shampoo upholstered sofa & chair
  • Use of injection extraction machine to pull out dirt and water
  • Letting fan or air conditioner on post the service for upholstered sofa and chair to dry
  • The duration for the upholstered sofa and chair to dry solely depends on the thickness of the carpet and the amount of air supplied for the carpets to dry

(B) Leather Sofa –

  • Extensive vacuum cleaning
  • Disinfecting seats
  • Polishing and treatment using leather cleaning products.

Carpet Cleaning : Carpets are those classic pieces of stuff which carry threads of heritage with them that cannot be generated and replicated again, so, it is highly essential that your carpet remains in good state. We have a team of professionals who have significant years of experience behind them to do the best with your expensive carpet. No matter the nature of stains and their rigidity that has somehow found a place on your carpets, we have the competent knowledge and expertise to eliminate those unwanted, persistent stains from them. We take pride in servicing our clients with the best-possible solutions; solely targeting their satisfaction.

We perform dry foam & injection extraction treatment to shampoo the carpet, leaving it clean and soft once completed. Following is the treatment to get optimized results-

  • Vacuuming Treatment – Vacuuming of the carpet to clean the cracks and crevices.
  • Foam Treatment – Use Foam Treatment to shampoo your carpet.
  • Injection Extraction – Injection Extraction Machine to remove dirt and water.
  • Letting fan or air conditioner on post the service for upholstered chair to dry.
  • The duration for the upholstered sofa and chair to dry solely depends on the thickness of the carpet and the amount of air supplied for the chairs to dry.

Pest Control : Our highly qualified and experienced professionals work in tandem with the client’s needs and objectives so that we do not miss something and our services remain efficient and prompt. Astute believes in sustainable practices and general regard for the health of humans and other beings alike as well as the environment. For the aforementioned reason, we use only eco-friendly and chemical approved by concerned regulatory bodies while doing pest control.
Our team of experts possesses a clear understanding of the procedures followed for the efficient pest control services. We are available to serve you throughout the year irrespective of any weather and climatic conditions. So, with our services, there is a hundred percent guarantee that you will be satisfied without bothering any sensitive-being of the house.

Our pest control services covers solution for:-

  • Cockroaches
  • Rodent
  • Termites
  • Bed bugs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Flies
  • Silver fish

Paint Services : Through our customised service, One-Time-On-Time, you can experience the change that you want to see in your house or place. We have a team of professionals who solely work for this purpose to offer you unmatched services that eliminate the imperfections of your house’s walls. Our services have the reputation of adding colour and texture of supreme quality as per the client’s personality and taste.


(A) Interior Paints

(i) Distemper

  • Dry Distemper
  • Synthetic Distemper
  • Acrylic Distemper

(ii) Plastic Emulsion

  • Regular Emulsion
  • Economy Emulsion
  • Silk Emulsion

(B) Exterior Paints

  • Cement Paint
  • Acrylic Emulsion
  • Textured Plaster
  • Wood: – PU and Melamine

(C) Metal

  • General Purpose Enamel Paint
  • Synthetic Enamel Paint
  • Premium Enamel Paint

Interior Designing : Homes are made for once in a life; even for someone it takes their whole life to build the home of his imagination. As a house is not built every other day, the interior should be such that it worth to be a beauty that one can behold! And, to help in this endeavour, we have come up with best professional experts who have attained mastery in designing and decorating scores of homes throughout their career. Our team of experts is highly self-motivated, artistically oriented, and down-to-earth enabling you to get your dream of home realised.

Our service portfolio in interior design covers :-

  • Interior Turnkey Projects
  • Theme Based Interiors
  • Renovation Jobs
  • 2D drawings
  • Camera views
  • Interior Designing Consultancy
  • 3D drawings, Elevation
  • Electrical plan
  • 3D max views